Best weekend of my life...

From the president's desk, 18 January 2003

This is the new home of the IIWF, the legendary e-wrestling fed that ran between May 1996 and August 1998. There's not a lot here right now, except to say that all the shows that the IIWF ever produced, all 33Mb of them, are right here for you to read.

So what are you waiting for? Relive the insanity of the Seven Tables of Fear match, the tricycle moonsault, the Creed/Lord Byron rivalry, the Chris Quigley/Dan Kauffman rivalry, Brody Thunder's triple-cross of the Syndicate, the Third Rail Match, and hundreds of other extraordinary moments, created by the most talented bunch of writers and handlers that e-wrestling has ever seen.

See you at ringside, baby dolls.

Daniel Spreadbury
IIWF President (for life)

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